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mark cuthbertson councilman for huntington ny 2Mark Cuthbertson has served the Town of Huntington, New York as a Councilman for the past 18 years. A lifelong resident of the city, Cuthbertson has been an advocate for the municipality and its citizens on countless issues. With an emphasis on promoting business, stabilizing taxes, and protecting the environment, Cuthbertson has never been afraid to stand up for the Town of Huntington.

Huntington is one of the 10 towns that make up Suffolk County on Long Island. On the north shore of Long Island, Huntington is a vibrant and beautiful New York community that Mark Cuthbertson is proud to call home. Mark grew up in South Huntington, where he attended Walt Whitman High School. As a youth, Mark enjoyed all that the community offered and when he left home to attend Villanova for his undergraduate education, he always knew he would return. After finishing his education at the Albany School of Law at Union University, he did just that and hasn’t left since.

Mark Cuthbertson was first elected to the Town Council in 1998. Mark’s success in this position comes from his desire to put the needs of the people over the conventions of politics. With that in mind, Mark embraces bi-partisanship for the good of his constituents.

As a Councilman, Mark has worked to stimulate the economy of Huntington and its surrounding area. One successful effort to do so was his support of the Downtown Revitalization project through the Chamber of Commerce and various Beautification Councils. Huntington has a vibrant, bustling downtown area, and Cuthbertson’s support of these efforts produced more light posts, flags and other aesthetic improvements that attract both business development and patronage.

Mark Cuthbertson was also integral to the successful development of Canon USA’s North and South American Regional headquarters in nearby Melville. Cuthbertson worked closely with Canon USA, fostering the deal that would eventually inject $459 million into the local economies. But perhaps even more important than that, the development created over 6,500 new jobs for the community. The building will also meet the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) requirements for either a Gold or Silver rating.

The desire to promote environmental sustainability has been a consistent theme in Mark Cuthbertson’s leadership. In 1998, 2003 and 2008, Mark supported Environmental Open Space and Park Improvements Bond Acts, which allowed Huntington to buy over 250 acres of parkland for the preservation of the area’s natural beauty. A million dollars from the EOSPA bonds has been earmarked for the promotion and development of renewable energy projects. Mark also initiated the formation of a renewable energy task force to assist in the distribution of those funds.

Huntington has benefitted from Councilman Mark Cuthbertson’s efforts on numerous occasions. He is proud to serve his community in a direct and effective way and will continue to do so as long as he can.