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Huntington Highway Superintendent, Kevin S. Orelli will be holding a demonstration of PotHole KILLER, a state of art method for temporarily fixing potholes until major resurfacing can occur.

WHAT: A real time demonstration of POTHOLE KILLER a proprietary asphalt repair process for Huntington streets.

When: Monday, March 5, 201811 am.

WHERE: Huntington Highway Department’s Elwood Facility 30 Rofray Drove, Huntington, NY. 11743


  • Highway Superintendent, Kevin S. Orelli,
  • Huntington Supervisor, Chad Lupinacci (invited),
  • Representatives of PMI, creators of POTHOLE  KILLER and a specially equipped truck and crew.

WHY: With the extremely cold recent winter season there is an inordinate amount of reported potholes in Huntington Streets.

Highway Superintendent Kevin S. Orelli invited PMI, Inc. to demonstrate its innovative road repair product POTHOLE KILLER which the company promotes as a better method of pothole repair over traditional methods and with the ability to fix over 100 pothole repairs per day.

 There will be a representative of PMI and specially designed vehicle and crew to demonstrate how POTHOLE KILLER can quickly repair potholes and save time and taxpayer dollars in better and longer lasting repairs.